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Interlumin Ltd. (“Interlumin”) is a New York City based, self-managed private investment group that specializes in identifying areas with untapped market potential across diverse industries.

We invest in early-stage business enterprises located worldwide that aims to bring positivity and improve the communities they serve through sustainable, socially responsible, environmentally-sound, and scalable business models.

By becoming a stakeholder, Interlumin provides necessary capital for early-stage business enterprises to immediately affect the wellbeing of the communities in which they operate. The successes of the business enterprises ensure that they will continue generating a sustainable and attractive financial return from their operations thereby guaranteeing ongoing employment, education, and healthcare related benefits and opportunities within the communities they serve.

​We take great pride in helping advance and introducing “green” technologies to the global population.  Interlumin strives to incorporate sustainable business practices in all of our current and future investments. By utilizing renewable resources, Interlumin ensures potential by-products such as carbon and waste are either reduced or eliminated while simultaneously creating a positive return on investment for our clients.

The core of Interlumin’s Innovation Initiative is its investment-based focus on innovative technologies and concepts aimed at improving modern-day infrastrucure. Our involvement with these projects allows us to improve modern day infrastructure by reducing our global carbon footprint through sustainable and socially responsible initiatives.

Examples of our presence in this field includes but is not limited to, executive office suites and storage facilities, renewable energy system installation, electronic healthcare records, and mobile application development.

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